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What is Design for All?

The Design for All community brings together design professionals and experts, applying design approach to social topics, addressing and integrating human diversity, social cohesion and equality beyond differences (culture, age, ability, social background...).

The main objective of Design for All is to provide anyone with access to environments, goods and services, equally. Even today, this clear social need receives hardly any attention from the private sector, or is perceived as a marginal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) topic rather than a core business concern. This is despite the fact that organizations that apply Design for All approaches, focusing on users’ needs and behaviour, demonstrate innovation and market competitiveness (Ikea, Toto, Fiat, Fujitsu, OXO, Nespresso, etc…). Considering the social and economic stakes related to Design for All, promoting this approach among companies and public authorities is a key driver for economic performance and social cohesion.

example of desing for all where a girl and a grown woman in a wheelchair playing together.
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